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Why we started baking our own bread

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When we opened Bella’s in 2003, it was difficult to find freshly baked bread that could be delivered to our restaurant. The majority of products we were able to get from distributors were frozen. It doesn’t matter how good everything else is in a sandwich if the bread is inadequate. What good is our made-from-scratch ethos if we can’t guarantee the most essential component of our lunch menu—bread.

After searching for a solution, we were determined to become masters of baking bread ourselves. This is another reason why our food sets us apart from all of our competitors. Nothing beats a French Dip sandwich on a homemade hoagie roll! Plus, customers get to take advantage of the smell of bread baking in the oven. Come into today to try one of our sandwiches on our freshly baked bread. We bake a variety of items. From different types of bread to pies, cakes, and even cinnamon rolls. At Bella’s Restaurant and Espresso, all of our baked goods can be purchased to go, too! In a pinch for time? We’ll make dessert!

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